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Datum Bearing - 80 x 22

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Mono Borehole Pumps – BP Range

The Mono BP Range Consists of 47 models capable of pumping up to 100000L/h and heads up to 300m.  The Monostroom and Monomeester discharge heads can be driven by petrol or diesel engines, solar energy, tractor power, wind or electricity.  The durable BP Range incorporates Mono’s proven rubber stator and flexible shaft drive in its design.
The positive displacement characteristics of the Mono’s rotor stator design ensures that the head developed is independent of, and the capacity proportional to, the pump speed.


• Mono progressing cavity pumping technology proven for over 60 years
• Long-life flexible shafts with rolled threads eliminate the need for vulnerable universal couplings
• Monostroom and Monomeester discharge heads use sealed pre-greased bearings for optimum, maintenance free operation
• Precision machined and threaded column pipes , incorporating truncated threads for maximum strength
• A stilling tube to assist with the release of silt by reducing inlet velocity

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