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The Vega 2CPM Twin-Stage Centrifugal Pump is an ideal pressure boosting centrifugal pump for the transfer of clean liquids. The 2.2kW and can deliver flow up to 180L/min and pressure up to 6.8Bar. The high head and adaptability to the most varied, even unusual applications make them the ideal choice in the domestic, civil and industrial field and specifically for increase pressure in the mains for fire-fighting sets. The single phase (220V) units is available in a combo that includes a flow control switch and lead out cable. When the pressure drops, this switch automatically starts the pump, then turns it off when there is no flow. This product is issued with a Letter Of Authority.

Vega Twin Impeller Centriufgal Pumps 220V - 240V (3)
Vega Twin Impeller Centriufgal Pumps 380V - 415V (3)
Vega Twin Impeller Centriufgal Pumps with Flow Control 220V - 240V (3)