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Mono G Range

The versatile and rugged Mono G Range Pumps have high suction capabilities and provide uniform flow with minimal pulsation.  It is a range of pumps which is eminently suitable for general pumping and transfer duties in light industry and agriculture.


Pumps can be supplied as flange-mounted to four-pole or six-pole motors:  220, 380 or 525 Volt
Bareshaft option is suitable of V-drive or direct coupling to geared motor
The pump body is manufactured from close-grain cast iron
Rotors are machined from corrosion-resistant EN57
Stators are moulded from a variety of rubbers that are resistant to damage from chemicals and abrasive wear
Shaft Sealing is provided by packed gland or mechanical seal

Mono GA (43)
Mono GB (44)
Mono GF (44)
Mono GG (43)
Mono GH (44)