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Leo 4SR/SA Series

The 4SR/SA Series submersible pump adopts AISI304 casing and high strength durable “floating impellers”. Impellers are made of American “Noryl” material which has the approval of the American Food and Drug Administration(FDA), with high-quality hydraulic design. AISI304 motor base up to “NEMA” standard, built in AISI304 check valve, AISI304 outlet and built-in strainer.

The SR/SA series of pumps can be widely applied in domestic agricultural, industrial, mining, food and beverage industry.

Leo 4SR/SA1 Series (20)
Leo 4SR/SA2 Series (28)
Leo 4SR/SA3 Series (24)
Leo 4SR/SA4 Series (44)
Leo 4SR/SA5 Series (27)
Leo 4SR/SA6 Series (36)
Leo 4SR/SA8 Series (32)
Leo 4SR/SA10 Series (28)
Leo 4SR/SA12 Series (24)
Leo 4SR/SA16 Series (20)