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Vega offers a wide variety of Control Boxes that are essential to the protection of submersible borehole pumps. The Control Boxes will protect the pump from elements such as: over and under voltage, if the pump keeps stalling, over and under current, and even against dry run. More advanced control boxes will offer even better protection and control over your submersible borehole pumps.

Vega 4" Borehole 220V Analogue Control Box (100mm) (7)
Vega Borehole 220V Digital Protection Panel V1 (6)
Vega Borehole 380V Digital Protection Panel (2)
Vega Borehole 380V Digital Protection Panel Generation 2 (2)
Vega Borehole 380V - 400V Analogue Starter Protector (10)
Vega Borehole 380V - 400V Digital Starter Protector (6)